Sherri Nelson Artworks
Original Oil Paintings and Day of the Dead pieces

Welcome to my home base on the internet!  I am Sherri (a.k.a Bones) Nelson and though I am not a Gemini it appears that I do, in fact, have two quite disparate sides to me.  On the one hand I paint flowing, impressionistic flowers or natural scenes on large canvases using oil paint and on the other I create creepy/joyful Day of the Dead skeletons on a smaller scale and using acrylic paint in a more graphic style.  

Yep, they all come from the same brain and pair of hands.  

Although at first these two sides seem opposed I think you'll find that they are linked by two important themes:  colour and positive emotion.  Most of my work shows my delight for colour, my aversion to the mundane, and my longing for harmony in my surroundings.  I hope at the very least that I will make you smile as you look through the pages but if I dare to ask for a little more then I don't mind telling you that I hope we will correspond and that one of these expressions of myself will find a new home with you.