Sherri Nelson Artworks
Original Oil Paintings and Day of the Dead pieces

Welcome to my home base on the internet!  I am Sherri (a.k.a Bones) Nelson and though I am not a Gemini it appears that I do, in fact, have two quite disparate sides to me.  On the one hand I paint flowing, impressionistic flowers or natural scenes on large canvases using oil paint and on the other I create creepy/joyful Day of the Dead skeletons on a smaller scale and using acrylic paint in a more graphic style.  

Yep, they all come from the same brain and pair of hands.  

Although at first these two sides seem opposed I think you'll find that they are linked by two important themes:  colour and positive emotion.  Most of my work shows my delight for colour, my aversion to the mundane, and my longing for harmony in my surroundings.  I hope at the very least that I will make you smile as you look through the pages but if I dare to ask for a little more then I don't mind telling you that I hope we will correspond and that one of these expressions of myself will find a new home with you.


About My Prints

The images to the left represent the selection of floral and folk art that I have available for purchase through this web site.

Prints offered here will be created in house.  Each print will come to you on 11 x 14 paper with the image sized to fit as appropriate.

I will sign and title each on the front of the piece and mark the date of printing on the reverse


Print Buying Guide

Decide which prints you would like, mark down the numbers displayed in the corresponding circle, and then choose the correct Paypal button from the list below.  

Make sure to tell me the number for each print when you place your order.

Prices below include shipping.


ONE print - $25.00 CDN




TWO Prints - $45.00 CDN



THREE Prints - $60.00 CDN




For a Closer Look

Please note that some of the images appear a bit blurry and they are somewhat small - if you'd like to see larger, clearer versions please click on the link to GALLERY directly under the header of this page.


Where are the

Day of the Dead Prints?

Right now I am selling the day of the dead prints via Etsy, Zibbet or Ebay.  I hope to have this site set up for the Day of the Dead prints before Christmas, but I can't promise anything so if you want some please click on the "Bones Nelson on Etsy" button nearer the top of this page.